Plastic Dunnage Trays

Reusable and Disposable Tray Packaging

robotic automation trays

Dandy Packaging designs, manufactures and distributes disposable and returnable dunnage trays for medical, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, biological, and advanced manufacturing industries. We have designed and produced clean-room quality trays for electronic components, precision tooling for robotics and industrial automation, plastic clam-shell packaging and dental tray packaging for the medical industry to name just a few. We have the capability to perform a wide variety of processes with many different materials. Plastic vacuum forming and pressure forming are two of our most widely used processes. With the help of CAD and engineering, it allows us to make a precise contoured cavity of your specific product(s).

Maximum Part Density medical tongs tray

Our trays can be designed to maximize the efficiency of your containers while offering superior protection. Trays can be customized to fit your product exactly so that it won’t shift during transport. You know your priorities; let us know what they are and we will design the perfect packaging solution for your needs.



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