Custom Dunnage Partitions

Dandy has a Product Divider for Every Situation

die-cut pad partition

Every corrugated cell and specialty partition from Dandy is carefully crafted to provide the amount of protection and stability that your product needs — no more and no less. Our business is not to put you out of business with packaging costs. Rely on Dandy to provide dunnage that does what you want it to do. Check out the patent pending Dandy Density Divider™ for an example of one of our innovative packaging solutions.


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Expendable or Reusable Dividersplastic corrugated divider display

We provide dunnage and plastic dividers you can use over and over again, or standard corrugated dividers that are expendable, recyclable and with just the right flute. Partition needs vary, so be sure to make informed decisions about your packaging needs by contacting us to discuss your project. Our experience in packaging can help you to make the right decision about what your box partition or plastic divider should be.

Fluting, thickness, special coatings, unusual sizes — count on Dandy to talk straight about the pros and cons for your specific packaging needs.

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