Pallet Systems - Returnable & Expendable

Specialty Pallet Solutions

returnable seat belt pallet system

Dandy Packaging, Inc., designs, manufactures and distributes disposable and returnable pallet lid systems. Our pallet design team specializes in creating:

  • Thermoformed - twin sheet pallets and single sheet 

  • Injection molded - standard and custom - high impact 

  • Wooden - Heat-treated - overseas pallets

  • Structural foam - heavy duty - won't absorb moisture or liquid

  • Seat-belt top-cap pallet systems - straps to secure and stabilize loads (see picture)

When working with Dandy Packaging, you’ll discover that not all pallet manufacturers are equal. Our goal is to provide the most efficient and effective pallets that we can. For some of our customers, that could mean providing an "environmental pallet” or "green pallet" For others, a heavy duty corrugated pallet or a light-weight plastic pallet. Let us know your need and we’ll deliver it!

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