Foam Dunnage Products 

Foam Packaging for Cushioning, Protection, and Stopping Abrasions

If your product requires extra soft or stiffness protection, Dandy Packaging can offer foam solutions of several types:

Polyurethane, Crosslinked PE and many more..


water-jet cut open cell foam

Sustainable Biodegradable Foams (Milo-based)

This “newer to market” and innovative material replaces expanded polystyrene and other petroleum-based plastics. Polystyrene takes hundreds of years to decompose in our landfills unlike an "earth friendly” foam alternative. We don't promote expanded polystyrene. In fact, expanded polystyrene has already become a "banned material" in the State of California and several parts of Australia. Biodegradable foam solutions protect your products and the environment. Help preserve the world for future generations by choosing environmentally friendly foam solutions.



Open Cell Foam (Water-Jet Cut, Slitted, Routered or CNC Milled)

cnc routed foamOne of the most effective and delicate types of dunnage is open cell foam. This type of foam packaging is perfect for your "Class A" products that require "scratch resistant" specifications. If you are wondering if one of your products would benefit from open cell foam packaging, please contact us and we’ll let you know.




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