Spouted Bag-in-Box  & Custom Specialty Bags

Packaging Bags for Every Industry

bag in box bladder packaging

Dandy Packaging stocks standard bags but also has expertise with many different types of custom and application-specific bags. These specialty bags may range from water bladders to liquid pouches to VCI bags and ESD bags. Many of our customers are environmentally conscious and ask for biodegradable bags, recyclable plastic films or stretch wraps for stabilizing pallet loads.

Unlimited Bag Design Options

Bag designs come in many different styles, shapes, sizes but all have the common goal of protection. Dandy can provide custom dunnage bags (as well as bulk bags and/or other specialty bags) for exactly the right amount of protection. Bag design is not limited by size, shape or material.

ESD / Anti-Static /  Data-Driven Bags

In addition to a variety of bag materials and designs, we can offer esd anti-static bags. Have your company specifications, serial number or other data electronically embedded into the bag. A data-driven bag offers many advantages in marketing, identification, organization and logistics. Example: Let Dandy embed chemical warnings into bags or the recycling characteristics on your reusable disposable esd bags.

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