The Creative Art of Industrial Dunnage Design

clean robotic pick and place tray ren board prototype thermoforming tool tray with plastic film

Dandy Packaging, Inc., supplies custom packaging solutions for a wide variety of industries each with their own specific needs. Every industry, every company, every product has different packaging challenges. That’s why at Dandy we emphasize creative industrial design which fits the requirements for each unique process, application or product.

Product Dunnage without Limits

Dandy Packaging, Inc., offers dunnage manufacturing without the limits of location or material that restrain many other packaging suppliers. We can design and produce dunnage from cnc routered dividers to thermoformed trays. Whatever your packaging needs, Dandy can supply them.

We’ve been servicing manufacturers since our inception and are continually expanding our reach to new locations and industries. Contact us if you have a packaging problem and see how we would solve it!

Circuit Board Vacuum Formed Vacuum Formed Packaging at Dandy packaging divider

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