Dandy Density Divider™

Patent Pending Dandy Density Divider™
Fitting the most into the least amount of space

Glued Dandy Density DividerOur patent-pending corrugated partitions are stronger, safer and more cost effective than the standard product divider. Dandy has been one of the first few companies to attempt to patent a dunnage partition that maximizes the space inside returnable totes and other types of containers.

Other custom product dividers waste space around the edge of the container. Dandy’s custom dunnage dividers eliminate the traditional perimeter air cell — allowing you to package more products per box. Dividers that maximize space usage without sacrificing safety and durability are hard to come by, but not at Dandy! Imagine the elimination of freight costs also!

Reusable Packaging Dunnage - Our Glued Cell

Each cavity in the Dandy Density Divider™ is glued in place rather than pieced together. This construction means that our box divider is much sturdier than other corrugated dividers. We have also developed a combination of materials that makes the glued divider stronger than ever before and gives our divider added sustainability and material cost reduction.

The Dandy Density Divider™ is evidence of our devotion to constant innovation. Dandy released a second generation of this divider in 2013. At Dandy Packaging, we are “Innovation Inside the Box.”




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