Choosing the Right Product Packaging

With today’s complex supply chain and compliance requirements, manufacturers have a lot to consider when making packaging decisions. Here are some tips on choosing the right packaging company for your product.

Consider a Product Packaging Company with Innovative Products and Solutions

As packaging solutions provider with years of industry experience, we take the time to learn about your business before formulating a well-reasoned, proactive methodology to enhance your brand. We provide material handling and custom packaging solutions for any product in any industry. Many packaging suppliers simply provide dunnage and packaging that has not changed for decades. Dandy is not your standard packaging company — we are “Innovation Inside the Box.”

At Dandy, we do not believe in sticking with the status quo. Instead, we challenge ourselves to be a packaging solutions manufacturer that strives to provide the best packaging solutions on a part-by-part basis.

Choose a Reliable and Professional Product Packaging Company

“We have been buying our boxes with a heavy wax coating to protect them from moisture from Dandy Packaging for decades. We recently decided to change to the X300 coating because our customers requested a more environmentally friendly box. We are very happy with this decision and are planning to continue in this direction for a long time to come.” - Dave Lehmann, Lehmann Greenhouse, Temperance, MI

At Dandy Packaging, we look at every option and offer you choices that will not break your budget. While our competitors take cookie-cutter approaches, we work hand-in-hand with you on a personal basis to find the best and most cost-effective packaging for your product.

Choosing Dandy Packaging for your premier product packaging solutions is an easy choice. Learn more about who we are and our innovative services.

Why Metals Rust

Machinery and parts are manufactured from many types of metals. Most metals are subject to substances and elements that cause them to rust over time. It is important to make sure that rust and corrosion is prevented to maintain machine functionality.

Protect Machinery Metals From Rusting

Protecting your machine parts and products from rust and corrosion is very important. Anti-rust papers, corrosion prevention films and other additives can help protect your products from rust and damage that may occur during the logistics process. Aside from a rust inhibitor, there are other products that prevent damage from moisture, corrosion and static.

Our Anti-Rust Solutions May Include:

  • Desiccant and moisture control products, packets and bulk desiccants
  • VCI coatings or liquids
  • Corrosion prevention films, anti-rust papers

Not only do we provide shipping materials such as a rust inhibitor and desiccants; Dandy Packaging also provides reusable and sustainable supplies. Not only can we help you find the best anti-rust products for your application, Dandy Packaging can also provide the proper recyclable or reusable containers to keep them secure. We are “Innovation Inside the Box!”

Dunnage: Often Ignored, Always Important

Dandy’s vapor corrosion inhibiting packaging products are a cost-effective way of protecting electrical and electronic components and equipment from the destructive effects of corrosion.

Corrosion Inhibitor for Electronics with dandy packagingHow Corrosion Inhibitors Work

Vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) molecules inhibit corrosion by preventing moisture and environmental elements from reacting with the metal surface. Since VCI molecules are transported through the air, they must be trapped around the metal surface using a poly bag or other enclosure. When the enclosure or package is later opened, the corrosion-inhibiting layer dissipates, leaving clean, dry and residue-free metals.

Dandy Packaging Solutions May Include:

  • Corrosion prevention films, anti-rust papers
  • Degradable additives, films and cushioning
  • Non-abrasives (for Class-A surfaces) such as Tyvek and Spun-guard
  • Desiccant and moisture control products, packets and bulk desiccants
  • VCI coatings or liquids

Dandy Packaging delivers safe and effective corrosion solutions for electronics. Contact Dandy Packaging for your challenging corrosion prevention needs. Call 888-961-4288 for comprehensive corrosion management solutions today.

Custom Box Dunnage Dividers

Have you sent out product without the proper packaging only to find that your goods were delivered in pieces? Don’t let that happen again - use Dandy Packaging’s custom box dividers!

We can produce corrugated box dividers that can be used once or plastic box dividers that can be used several times. Different coatings, material type and material thicknesses play a role in us offering the best protection for your product. Let us use our expertise to find the best solution.

If you are in need of custom box dividers to ship your goods, let Dandy do the legwork. Contact us today so we can develop a way to ship your products and customize your packaging. We are Innovation Inside the Box™!

Custom Thermoformed Trays from Dandy Packaging

Dandy offers the best solutions when it comes to custom thermoformed trays. Dandy is up to any challenge. We have the design, tooling and production expertise to deliver the best solution at a competitive price. Dandy Packaging also offers the experience to make packaging work on automated production lines.

Whether you’re looking at a new product or a better way to package an existing one, we’ve got a solution for you!

Why Dandy for Custom Thermoformed Trays?

  • We create returnable and expendable packaging.
  • We use the best materials to meet your needs.
  • We can design material handling and custom packaging solutions for any industry.
  • At Dandy Packaging, We Are Innovation Inside The Box™!

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