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A History of Innovation & Market Diversification

1981 Dandy Packaging founded.

1982 Developed pre-glued partition (Dandy Density Divider) to eliminate contamination, maximize density, and increase stacking strength.

1985 Designed protective packaging utilizing paper tubes, fiberboard and die cut corrugated shipping container to eliminate damage problem in shipping shower doors.

1986 Started selling chip cells (for an automotive customer that needed quick service) necessary for shipping automotive components.

1988 Developed point of purchase displays and corrugated cartons for the floral industry.

1993 Engineered injection molded trays that handle high heat washing requirements and maximum density needs.

1994 Dandy Packaging expanded and re-located to a larger facility in Monroe.

1995 Developed one returnable rotary molded container with special inserts to accommodate the majority of refrigeration cooling radiators that are still in service.

1996 To save labor, developed snap in plastic handles to replace a wooden handle stapled onto flower baskets.

1997 Developed vacuum formed trays to hold medical tongs for improved packaging cleanliness and increased density per container.

1998 Developed special foam cushioning to solve protective packaging issues in shipping electronic parts.

1999 ISO 9001:2000 Certification

2001 Designed die cut corrugated box to protect jet engine components which were routinely damaged when shipped in a regular box with loose fill packaging peanuts.

2001 Developed a vacuum formed tray that provides maximum density per container and protection for cell phone components.

2001 Developed a series of PET trays to meet precision robotic pick and place for the automotive industry.

2008 Engineered a corrugated overseas pack that interlocks with a plastic pallet to prevent the parts from dislodging from the pallet.

2009 Dandy designs a water-jet foam pack for the induction technology industry.

2010 Trademarked “Innovation Inside the Box” theme and “Dandy Density Divider” product nomenclature.

2010 Developed vacuum formed trays for the biological industry.

2011 Dandy opens up new store front, "The Wrapped Gift". This "sister company" is an extension of Dandy Packaging's retail products and services the local community (formally Packaging Depot, Etc.). 

2012 Dandy Packaging designs and produces spouted bladder bags for filling various types of liquids.

2013 2nd Generation Dandy Density Divider launches.

2014 Innostate Michigan chooses Dandy Packaging to be part of a unique group of Michigan companies with a track record or strong interest in doing manufacturing for customers who are new product developers.

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